AABE New York Metropolitan Area Chapter (NYMAC) is one of three chapters in the Northeast Region of the United States. NYMAC is one of the top three largest and most influential chapters in AABE. NYMAC is a key extension of the national organization.


We were founded in 1987 by minority professionals from Brooklyn Union Gas (now KeySpan Energy/National Grid) and Con Edison. NYMAC currently has four members holding positions on the National Board of Directors of AABE. NYMAC also has had three members serve as Chair of the AABE National Board of Directors.


NYMAC was proud to co-host the 30th Annual AABE National Conference held in DC during April 2007 along with the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Chapters.


In addition to committing ourselves to the AABE national purpose, we also strive to give professionals and students a pathway to learn more about the energy industry through education, mentoring, community services, and business networking.

Interested in becoming a member of AABE-NYMAC?

Membership in AABE-NYMAC is open to individuals and businesses with involvement or interests in the energy industry.


Members come from companies or areas of expertise listed below:

  • Con Edison, Orange & Rockland Utilities, and National Grid.
  • Managerial and professional employees and owners of energy related business.
  • Consultants who offer expertise primarily in energy related disciplines that serve the energy industry or local, national government agencies.
  • Managerial and professional employees of industry related trade associations.
  • Educators in energy related disciplines.
  • Governmental officials having energy-related responsibilities.
  • Students who desire to actively support the purposes of AABE.

Moments in AABE-NYMAC History

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